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Carpal Tunnel Test

The Carpal Tunnel pain that many experience in their hand and wrist can actually be a combination of nerve problems in the wrist, elbow and spinal nerves in the lower neck and shoulder.

Click on the images and complete these 2 simple tests:

Phalen's Maneuver

Test 1 – Phalen’s Maneuver

The most helpful test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Phalen’s Maneuver.

Firmly hold the backs of your hands together with your fingers pointing down, while keeping your arms parallel to the floor. If within a minute, you experience numbness, tingling, pain or a combination, you likely have nerve involvement.

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Tinel's sign

Test 2 – Tinel’s sign

Another test is Tinel’s sign.

Use your finger to repeatedly tap the volar carpal ligament, the ligament just under the skin in the centre of your wrist. If the tapping elicits numbness, tingling or pain, then you may well have carpal tunnel syndrome. Often, chiropractic care can be very helpful in resolving this type of problem.

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  1. Shirley says
    Oct 22, 2016 at 6:03 PM

    I HV a nerve pinched on my neck. How much your fee? Thank you.

    • says
      Oct 25, 2016 at 5:11 PM

      Hi Shirley, Our fee for an initial consultation includes the consult, exam, X-ray and first adjustment is a total of $97.00. Many Thanks The Fix Chiropractic Centre

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